Vague Fears | No Weirdos Ltd. 12" LP + Graphic Novel.

SUMMER MMXIV | Los Angeles

On June 6, 2014, after a year-long hiatus, Vague Fears released No Weirdos, a radical reinvention of the concept album.

Originating as a treatment for a surreal video nasty-style film about two of the band's close friends, it evolved into a full-length LP soundtrack, 24-page graphic novel, and bonus digital extras. Pressed in an edition of five copies intended only for the band, the project's real-life protagonists, and an innocent witness, word of its existence leaked, creating an overwhelming demand from friends and fans for more copies.

Vague Fears bowed to audience demand with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to allow others the chance to own the incomprehensible insanity that is No Weirdos. And it succeeded. So thanks, or whatever.

The second press is already off to the vinyl cutters, and the new version of the graphic novel will be submitted by mid-July, with an expected delivery date to Kickstarter backers due sometime in the early autumn (September/October).

Stay Negative,

P.S. Forget About Love

Alphabetical Disorder EP

"I lived for a thousand years / Stranded in the shadow of your skull..."

Domestic Violence LP

"The grave I dug spit me back / To flow inside the tomb of you..."

Modes of Persuasion EP

"The agony / The ecstasy / From the depths of my bones..."

Architectures I-IV EP

"Black tar in my veins / Violence in my DNA..."

Mirror Prison Singles Collection

"My knife wants inside of you / A fresh grave wants to fuck you too..."

"Sensation 2" From Domestic Violence

"Nerves burned away / Sensation fades..."

"Ethos" From Modes of Persuasion

"Be your / Hate your / Free your / Kill yourself..."

"2013" From 2013


The Players

Japanese-born guitarist and recording engineer B.L. Jisei has been a force within the underground hardcore, punk, and metal scenes since the early 90s. He is also a well-respected computer programmer actively contributing to a variety of open-source technologies designed to destablize the established power structure.

An eighth-generation witch from the Basque region of Spain, Alia Topez is a multi-instrumentalist and the primary visual force behind Vague Fears, with a radical and visionary aesthetic featuring bold illustration / paintings inspired by sacred geometry, occult mysticism, and her training as a traditional tattooist. She also creates a unique line of talismans, amulets, and adornments.

Nuke City

Nuke City is a hybrid multimedia makerspace built and owned by Mr. Jisei and Ms. Topez.

Each Vague Fears release is conceptualized and written within Nuke City's unique think tank room, colloquially refered to as the Rage Cage. Featuring full audio recoding studo, video production suite, visual design facilities, and electronic/product prototyping capabilities, every project is created and produced at Nuke City, with the band handling all physical/digital distribution, administration (copyright, publishing, etc.), and marketing/PR in the truest D.I.Y. method.

Nuke City is a division of Infinity & Co.